I am a proud Whovian & this blog is mostly about Doctor Who cause I am a BIG fan and I love David Tennant. Other fandom posts will also be available :)
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1: Worst thing you’ve ever eaten?
Don’t know which is my worst cause I dislike a lot of food but one of them is the Wudy Sausages

2: The character that you think most resembles your looks?
Since my picture is of David Tennant….I’m gonna say David Tennant

3: The character that you think most resembles your personality?
 I think I have a little bit of Donna and Amy in me.

4: Whose your OTP, BROTP and NOTP?
Sorry dont know what these mean

5: If you could date anyone (dead or alive, fictional or real), who would it be?
David Tennant or Johnny Depp

6: Which Hogwarts house are you in?

7: Favourite singer/band?
Band - Green Day

8: Favourite doctor?
David Tennant :3

9: Dream job?

10: First movie you ever saw? (or first one you can remember)
I see alot of movies so I dont remember but my fav. has to be Pirates of The Caribbean

11: The first thing you notice when you look at someone you don’t know? 
The eyes

My questions:

1. Kill a fictional character who would it be?
2. What is your favourite drink?
3. Who would you like as a companion? (any celebrity or person will do)
4. Favourite catchphrase from any movie/tv show (name it)
5. If you had to pick another a character to be gay who would it be?
6. Would you sacrifice yourself for a friend?
7. You are shotting a movie and have to choose one place for the whole movie to be filmed where would it be?
8. If you choose an accent which one would it be?
9. Which companion do you like?
10. Who do you think would have played a good part after Matt regenerated? (no offense to Peter)
11. If you were a tree what typs of fruit would you grow?

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